What is Google AdWords


Google AdWords is a platform designed to help you promote your business online across both its search engine and partner sites. It uses a pay-per-click model which means the advertiser will pay for the ad when a person clicks on it.

The AdWords interface allows you to create campaigns, monitor the performance of these campaigns and run reports. From within this interface, you can create and manage search ads, display ads, video ads and in-app ads. Read on for a breakdown of each type of ad.

Search Ads

Search ads appear within the search engine results page on Google. They appear at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page (note, you may remember seeing ads on the right-hand of the page, however, these were removed in 2016).

For example, these two results at the top of the page when searching for ‘car insurance’ are ads run using Google AdWords.


Within the campaigns, the advertiser will select keywords to bid on and create ads to show when a user searches using a term that matches the keywords.

When a search term matches a keyword, an auction process will begin. The auction takes into account the Max CPC (maximum bid the advertiser is willing to spend) and the expected CTR (click-through-rate). The expected CTR is calculated by looking at a number of factors mainly based on the relevance between the keyword, ad and landing page.


Display ads are image or text ads that can across other people’s websites. Google offers advertising space to display ads on over two million sites.

Below is an example of display advertising:

Screenshot 2017-05-06 at 16.37.01

One of the most powerful features of Display Ads is the targeting. Such targeting includes demographics, keywords, remarketing (showing ads to people who have already visited the site) and behaviour (which looks at people’s activity and interests around the web).


Screenshot 2017-05-06 at 16.44.48Video ads are created by uploading a video onto YouTube and creating a video campaign on YouTube. This video can then be shown next to or before videos considered ‘related’.

The targeting options for video ads are similar to display ads in which you can advertise by demographics, interests and many others.


App ads

App ads are designed to promote your app on Google. This can reach iOS and android users. These are created by adding the text to your ad and some basic settings. Google will then show this across search, display, and video.


Other than the text within the ad, Google will automatically create the rest of the ad. The example below shows how app ads appear (using the Google Analytics app as an example):

Screenshot 2017-05-06 at 18.03.58

All of the above campaign types can be created, monitored and optimised within AdWords.

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